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Risk Management and Insurance office simplifies reporting protocols with an online form

‘Risk management’ is a term that sounds intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.

“We’re all risk managers,” Kristi Murphy assistant risk manager said. “Every time you decide to cross the street you’re performing a risk assessment and acting as a risk manager.”

Murphy, along with risk manager Kip McBean, make up Boise State’s Risk Management and Insurance office, which is part of the Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability group. Their office oversees all insurance claims on campus arising from incidents such as vehicle accidents, property damage or bodily injury.

The office recently simplified the process for reporting an incident by switching to an electronic SmartSheets interface in place of PDFs or printed forms. The new portal will centralize reporting protocols that previously were spread among five different forms.

“Based on customer feedback, we looked to design a more user-friendly process,” Murphy said.

The online SmartSheets form will allow users to report and file claims for the following:

  • Supervisor Accident Report – Filed when an employee or volunteer has a work related injury or illness on the job, also known as workers’ compensation.
  • Near Miss Report – An incident that had the potential to cause bodily harm or property damage, also known as a close call.
  • Property Damage and Loss Report – Used to report missing or stolen business furniture, fixture and equipment, or building damage.
  • Vehicle Report – When there is physical damage to property and/or persons while operating a university owned, leased or rented vehicle (including trailers).
  • Incident/Accident Report – General Liability Claims: Where a third party has sustained bodily injury or property damage and alleges that the university is at fault.

In addition to this reporting portal, Risk Management and Insurance manages all certificates of insurance for vendors and contractors who partner with the university. More information on the requirements for certificates of insurance can be found on the Risk Management and Insurance website.

All foreign travel by faculty and staff must be reported to Risk Management and Insurance so the travelers are scheduled on the Foreign Travel Executive Assistance Plan. The plan is designed to insure and assist university employees while traveling in foreign countries on university business. This coverage is provided at no cost to the employee or department.

While this benefit does not provide supplemental health coverage, the employee is covered for liability and on the job injuries/illnesses while traveling abroad on university business.

The Foreign Liability policy covers employees anywhere in the world, excluding the U.S., its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico, and any country or jurisdiction which is subject to trade or economic sanctions imposed by laws and regulations of the U.S.

Non-employed students who are traveling internationally must contact the Global Learning Opportunities office to be covered under the Student Travel Accident Insurance.

The Risk Management and Insurance office plays a large role in assessing risk for various university groups. Their office is a key partner to Boise State athletics, student groups, community members and all departments looking to hold events on campus. Consultations can be scheduled by reaching out to the Risk Management and Insurance office.

“We don’t say ‘no’ very often,” McBean said. “Just don’t ask us to hold a jalapeño-eating-axe-throwing contest.”