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HR answers employees’ top benefits questions during the pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 has left Boise State employees with a lot of questions, to which Boise State Human Resources is working hard to get answers. Some of these questions will take longer to answer than others and some are just making it to the top of the list. Featured below is a newly answered campus question that will be added to the Employee FAQ page on the COVID-19 emergency website.

Boise State Human Resources is here to help. Please email with questions or concerns.

New Featured Question: Can Boise State University student employees file for unemployment if they lose their jobs due to COVID-19?

Answer: Any employee can file a claim as long as they are no longer working, or their work hours are reduced through no fault of their own. However, student employees, including graduate students, may not be eligible for unemployment for their work at the university as they are exempt from unemployment insurance taxes and therefore not eligible for benefits. Individuals are encouraged to file for unemployment through the Idaho Department of Labor to see if they are eligible.

Please note:

    • When filing for unemployment, each individual will be asked if their employer intends to rehire them.
    • Answering yes, with the intent to return to work within 16 weeks from reduction or hours, is referred to as “employer attached,” which exempts the filer from pursuing employment opportunities while laid off and collecting benefits.
    • A student who has worked for another employer in Idaho, other than Boise State, can file a claim and may be eligible for unemployment benefits. For example, if a student worked for a local business and lost their job, they may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Please see below on how to file a claim for unemployment benefits.
    • If an individual is filing a claim against an Idaho employer (e.g. Boise State), but has moved back to another state, they may also file a claim online at

For additional information, contact the Idaho Department of Labor or view its Questions and Answers webpage.