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Saleh Ahmed publishes book chapter on changing landscapes in the Intermountain West


Saleh Ahmed, an assistant professor in the School of Public Service, recently published an e-book chapter in “The Rocky Mountain West: A Compendium of Geographic Perspectives” published by the American Association of Geographers (AAG).

Ahmed’s chapter is “Changing Patterns of Agriculture, Land Use, and Wellbeing in the Intermountain West.”

Ahmed’s chapter provides an overview on the changing pattern of agriculture, land use and their implications on community wellbeing in the Intermountain West (CO, ID, MT, WY and UT). The changing patterns of land use and agriculture also shape the interactions between land and community, sometimes which are accompanied by social controversies and debates.

Many rural communities in the region previously suffered from poverty, lack of opportunities (e.g. health, education) and investment, along with many other social despairs. Land use change accompanied by population growth in some communities has brought economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. On the contrary, it can be the reasons for pressures on the local economy and infrastructure.

This chapter has a strong implication on planning, growth management, and community development not only in the Intermountain West, but also in many parts of the developed world where societies are experiencing rapid change because of lifestyle choices.