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Steve Swanson teaches home-schooling kids about fun in space

Steve Swanson in space

For students ages eight and up who are remote learning from home, retired astronaut and Boise State Distinguished educator in Residence Steve Swanson will be presenting a live online talk about “Having Fun on the International Space Station” at noon on Tuesday, April 7. To watch, visit ISSET Space & STEM on Youtube, which features weekly educational talks hosted by astronauts.

This free online learning hour offers students the chance to hear about what astronauts do for fun while isolated on space missions, and participate in a live question and answer forum with Swanson. To ask a question, follow International Space School Educational Training on Twitter and tweet a question using the hashtag #spacetolearn. Swanson will be answering a selection of questions live.

“Just like many people on Earth right now, astronauts live in self-isolation on the International Space Station,” said Swanson. “Tune in to learn how I made space fun and ask me your favorite ‘space’ question.”

This presentation is made possible by the International Space School Educational Training. Learn more about the event here.