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Nominate a colleague for Professional Staff of the Year

Most people have in their lives a colleague who goes above and beyond – someone who practices the university’s shared values in every interaction. Someone who works collaboratively outside of their own unit to create an inclusive environment for students, faculty and staff.

Nominate that colleague today for the 2020 Professional Staff of the Year Award. Anyone can nominate, however, nominees may not be a current member of the Professional Staff Senate.

Criteria for the award includes:

    • Full-time employment
    • Involvement in campus-wide activities
    • Community service and/or professional organization involvement
    • Significant contribution to the university mission

A completed nomination form from the department (or nominator) with details regarding campus activities, organization support and/or community service activities of the nominee should be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, April 24.

Include any other support documentation that provides substantiation for the nomination (letters of recommendation, photos at events, achievement certificates, student impact statements). Please carefully review the criteria. The nomination letter and supporting materials may be the only information on which the selection committee has to base its decision. When completing the nomination, include as many details as possible with emphasis on achievements or contributions activities from the last year or two.

For questions, please contact Tana Monroe, PSA past president,