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A telecommute is still a commute – participate in Active April and earn prizes

The annual events celebrating Active April have a new look this year – they’ll all be conducted virtually. While the events may be virtual, there are still opportunities to engage in this community effort to keep individuals and the environment healthy.

The main focus of Active April every year is to promote sustainable transportation options for the campus community. Anyone interested in participating in the challenge can register at the Share the Ride Idaho web page to start logging their commutes. Even if there is no physical commute to work, users can log telecommuting and earn points for using this alternative to single occupancy vehicles. Points are awarded for this or other alternative forms of transportation and can be redeemed for gift cards to local businesses.

The Cycle Learning Center is hosting an additional challenge for the month. They are offering prizes to people who ride their bikes at least three times a week in April. Rides may be indoors on a stationary bike, outdoors on the roads or trails if safe social distancing can be maintained, or simply around town.

To be eligible for the prize drawing at the end of the month, participants must join the Cycle Learning Center club on Strava to log their rides.

“I hope the digital format, by showing what everyone in the club is riding, will inspire others to find fun routes and explore new areas close to home,” said Gabe Finkelstein, multi-modal program and education manager of the Cycle Learning Center. “Boise is full of interesting places to explore and with less vehicle traffic, you may be able to ride in places that are usually too busy for comfort, like downtown.”

While not directly associated with Active April, the Cycle Learning Center’s 10k Mile Bicycle Commuter Club is welcoming new members. The 10k Club supports bicycle commuters with free repairs, exclusive sales, and free parking codes for when coming to work by bike may not be feasible. Members of the 10K club receive a code for five free days of parking in the university garages and an additional five discounted days annually.

“Instead of buying a parking pass and feeling like the cost should be validated by using it everyday, this is an effort to make riding to work easier by providing parking on those days that driving to work is necessary,” Finkelstein said.

For more information on joining the 10K Bicycle Commuter club and to obtain a set of parking codes, email