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Spring 2020 program assessment reporting deadline extended

The program assessment reporting (PAR) process for spring 2020 has been adjusted and the deadline for reports extended from May 1 to June 15. Details about the remainder of the timeline associated with this year’s PARs can be found on the program assessment website.

Additional steps are being taken to modify the peer review process while ensuring it continues to align to the PAR principles.

  • A smaller number of review teams drawing on the most experienced reviewers will be used.
  • Preference for review team participation will be given to full-time faculty. As with other years, representation from all of the colleges will be the goal.
  • Stipends for review team leaders and team members will be commensurate with the additional workload.
  • The team will ensure that all training and reviews can be completely virtually.

Faculty and staff who volunteered to serve as peer reviewers for 2020 will be contacted in the coming week.

Questions about the PAR process or requests for support can be directed to or by contacting Shari Ellertson at