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Students donate parking permit refunds to peers in need

The department of public safety’s parking and transportation division recently gave students the option of a partial refund of their campus parking permits, with the additional option to donate their refund to the Student Emergency Fund. So far, a total of 52 students have elected to donate their refund, raising $3,361 for their peers in need.

The Student Emergency Fund is managed by the Dean of Student’s office to provide short-term financial assistance to those in danger of withdrawing from classes due to unanticipated, temporary financial hardships resulting from emergency or crisis situations. The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a large volume of requests, and the funds are being prioritized based on urgency of need and their relation to online learning.

The student refunds are equal to 25 percent of the annual permit cost. This is to account for the remaining months the parking permits are valid, but during which, there will be no classes held on campus.

Students who haven’t requested a refund can still do so with the option to receive a check by mail or to donate their refund. Email for more information.