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Missing live dance performance? Check out Idaho Dance Theatre’s Instagram

Image of Idaho Dance Theatre

Idaho Dance Theatre – the professional dance company with numerous ties to Boise State, including several dancers who are current students – has been living up to its reputation for creativity, even in trying times.

Dancer Meaghan Novoa, who moved to Boise to dance with the company, is leading a project to post a collection of dance videos on the company’s Instagram. The videos feature company dancers, filmed at home and for the most part, improvising their performances.

“I wanted to do a video series for a few reasons,” said Novoa, “first to feature all the talented dancers in our company. And I thought it would be a way for us all to stay connected to each other, the dance community and our followers.”

Like so many other arts groups, the company had its performance schedule, including a show at Treefort, cut short by COVID-19.

Novoa edited the videos for a range of effects. She wanted for each to be like a miniature, stand-alone dance film.

“With each video, you get a chance to peak into our lives, our own personal movement language,” said Novoa. “I just hope that this gives us dancers a reason to dance, inspire and collaborate during this time when we are all apart.”

Dancers include Novoa, along with Boise State students and alumni Anne Milner, Charlie McMullen, Lemuel Reagan, Kateri Bilay, Kennedy Kaya and Rachel Ranum.