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New online master’s program in accountancy to debut this fall

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) at Boise State University has received approval from the Idaho State Board of Education to launch new online graduate accountancy programs for fall 2020.

The Master of Science in Accountancy Foundations program provides an entry point to the graduate degree for prospective graduate accounting students who don’t have an undergraduate degree in the field of accountancy. The flexible program allows students to create a customized degree plan based on their past coursework.

Previously, the Boise State Master of Science in Accountancy program only was available for students with an accounting degree and specific upper-division accounting courses.

“Not everyone starts from their early college experience pursuing accounting, however, they may later find that they need advanced accounting education to gain credentials or advance in their career,” said program coordinator Ryan Baxter.

Now, prospective students can opt into a graduate program track that begins with prerequisite courses for a seamless experience at Boise State. The 48-credit foundations program will expand the existing curriculum currently offered in the 30-credit online Master of Science in Accountancy program and will add foundational accounting courses designed to prepare students for the more advanced accounting topics. After completing the foundational credits, the master’s program provides a deep dive in accounting principles from experienced faculty using case studies and projects. Students will boost their critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them for the national demand for leaders in the field.

This new online program is the first of its kind in Idaho and one of only a few online foundation programs in the country. COBE leaders expect it to provide a flexible option to extend opportunities and career advancements in accounting for those from a variety of backgrounds and from across the country. Currently, 60 percent  of enrolled master of accountancy students at Boise State reside outside of Idaho.

“Offering a high-quality Master of Science in Accountancy online reaches people whose lives will not allow them to travel to the Boise State University campus or to meet at fixed class times. The accounting profession is hungry for talented, well prepared graduates. I am pleased that we now have the opportunity for people who do not have a prior undergraduate degree in accountancy to develop the preparation online in order to be admitted to the master’s program,” said COBE dean Mark Bannister.

In addition to the new master’s degree track, the Idaho State Board of Education also approved the launch of an online Graduate Certificate in Accounting Foundations at Boise State, which will serve graduate students interested in preparing for the academic areas addressed in the certified public accountant exam and those adding an accounting emphasis to other graduate degrees.

Boise State recognizes there are people in the workforce and at the university that enter the accounting profession through nontraditional avenues. These new programs will serve the needs of such future accounting professionals. The foundations programs expand the boundaries of higher education and open career opportunities for many more.