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Emily Wakild published two environmental articles in April

Studio portrait of Emily Waklid.

Emily Wakild, a professor and director of environmental studies in the School of Public Service, published two chapters in edited collections in April. The first,“Middle Modernisms: Collecting and Measuring Nature in the Peruvian Amazon,” appeared in an edited collection with editors Andra Chastain and Timothy Lorek and titled Traveling Technocrats: Experts and Expertise in Latin America’s Long Cold War. Wakild’s chapter examines the role of field ecologists in generating ideas about biodiversity in Peru’s Manu National Park. Find it here.

The second chapter, published in Portuguese, “Araguaia e Ilha do Bananal: Um Paradoxo da Conservação e do Uso Compartilhado de recursos no Brasil,” appears in the third volume of a series on Brazil’s environmental history edited by José Luiz de Andrade Franco, Sandro Dutra e Silva, José Augusto Drummond and Giovana Galvão Tavares titled História Ambiental 3: Natureza, Sociedade, Fronteiras, Terra Mater, da Editora Garamond. This chapter examines the shifting boundaries of conservation and indigenous rights within a frontier park, Araguaia, on Brazil’s second largest island, Bananal.