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McDonald and Pritchard talk about coping with anxiety in Idaho Press article

Psychology professors Tedd McDonald and Mary Pritchard were featured in the Idaho Press article, “Feeling anxious? Fearful? Depressed? Don’t worry, it’s the new normal.”

“If you’re struggling right now – that’s normalcy,” McDonald said in the piece. “That’s most of us. We have no history with this – and that makes it scarier and more depressing.”

Mary Pritchard, Photo by Emma Thompson

“A lot of our students and faculty feel unmotivated right now,” said Pritchard. “They say: There are days I can function well – other days I can’t get off the couch. It’s a huge psychological impact,” she said. “This has a lot more of the feel of a natural disaster and the young people – they don’t remember 9/11 or H1N1… For some reason we are panicked on a societal level we’ve never seen.”