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College of Innovation and Design offers new UX design certificate

User experience, commonly abbreviated “UX,” is how a person feels when they interact with a computer, whether that’s through a website, an app, software or something else.

UX design includes everything from branding to design, usability and function. And it’s a growing field. Product design is now considered the fourth most promising job in the U.S. According to LinkedIn, UX careers are growing by 86 percent each year.

In response, the College of Innovation and Design (CID) will offer a UX design certificate program for the first time this fall. The program consists of four upper-division, seven-week courses at three credits each. Normally, the courses will be hybrid. This fall, because of COVID-19, they will be taught online, with the option to meet in person if possible.

The certificate will be a bridge between the university and industry explained Alison Skilbred, director of programs in CID,

“User experience concepts are applicable to many fields,” Skilbred said.

Find out more about the UX design certificate here.

Justin Morken, principal product designer at Intuit, teaches two classes in the certificate program: COID 351: Intro to Human-Computer Interaction and COID 353: UX Design Studio. He explains UX design here.