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Celebrate Boise State Award-winning student writers

Alexandra Chavez, illustration
Alexandra Chavez

Student winners of the annual President’s Writing Awards will be celebrated in a virtual event at 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 20.

Student winners will join Zoom live for the program, and the campus community is invited to attend and help celebrate their success. Register here to receive a link to the program.

This is the 38th year of the President’s Writing Awards, which honor student work in eight categories; two student winners are selected from each category. One student graphic designer also is honored. Alexandra Chavez was selected as this year’s designer.

Here are the 2020 winners:

Creative Nonfiction
John Barrie: “The Unseen”
Jessica Kendall: “Limbo”

Critical Analysis
Georgia Zacest “Between the World and Me: A Searing Account of American Reproductions of Racism”
Benjamin Sargis: “When Victimhood Doesn’t Go the Distance: Narrative Criticism Meets the Pacific Crest Trail”

Cichaya Gidley: “Lavender Haze”
Lyd Havens: “A Song of Many Sounds”

First-Year Writing
Valentina Horn: “Growing Up O-Town Style”
Ryley Macdonald “Idahomies: Skateboarding Subculture Analyzed Within the Community of Boise”

Foundations of Ethics and Diversity
Eric Ramirez: “Student Governance: An Ethnographic Study”
Nabil Rahman: “Stress: The Harsh Reality of International Students”

Alfredo Ocaranza: “Exodus”
Lyd Havens: “Eurydice and all my worst fears”

Kimber Wymore: “High Rent, Low Pay, and No Where to Go: The Affordable Housing Crisis”
Sara Rostron “Repressive Coping and Irritability Incidence in Bipolar Disorder”

Eric Ramirez: “Transgenerational Oppression against Transgender People”
Bibiana Ortiz: “Cultural and Societal Reflections”