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Students can earn $1,000 scholarships while improving their communities this summer

Boise State University students can earn a $1,000 scholarship for fall 2020, while gaining valuable professional experience and adding value to their local communities. Returning students are invited to participate in the first-ever summer Hometown Challenge by pitching a project that addresses a specific challenge in their local community.

For example, projects could focus on addressing hunger, affordable housing, public health or youth development.

Applicants must be returning Boise State undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in six or more credits in fall 2020. They also must be able to commit 80 hours of time to their project between June 8-Aug. 14.

The Hometown Challenge is inspired by another successful Boise State project – the Working History Center Internship.

The challenge was created and launched within 12 days, thanks to help from Career Services staff and support from Leslie Webb, vice president of student affairs.

“I think this program is a great example of how nimble Boise State can be in addressing problems and supporting our students,” said Debbie Kaylor, director of Career Services. “We know students have lost a lot because of COVID-19 and may find themselves in unexpected circumstances this summer. This program will give our students the opportunity to have a positive impact in their communities over the summer while moving their education forward, gaining experience, enhancing their professional skills, and building their network. It also helps keep them connected to Boise State – a win/win for all!”