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HP Marshall’s work with NASA SnowEx campaign highlighted in wrap-up

Associate professor of geosciences HP Marshall was highlighted for his contributions to the NASA SnowEx 2020 campaign wrap-up. Over the course of the spring semester, Marshall coordinated the research and data collection for the campaign with 13 different research teams positioned across Idaho, Utah, California, Colorado and New Mexico at 13 research sites.

Snow-Ex, a five-year program that began in 2017, uses surveillance by helicopters and planes, coordinated with field work, to collect snow data. This data is collected through digging snow-pits, ground-based radar, remote sensing and light detecting and ranging – otherwise known as lidar, which functions by sending out a beam of light and measuring how long it takes for it to travel to a destination and return.

Through this research, Marshall was able to offer many Boise State students the opportunity to work on the national project.

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