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Brian Wampler publishes article on how Brazilian democratisation influences public health

Studio portrait of Brian Wampler.

Political science professor Brian Wampler published a co-authored article in the journal Development in Practice. The journal seeks to influence both academic and policy debates by encouraging policy-relevant scholarship.

Wampler’s article is titled “Public engagement for public health: participatory budgeting, targeted social programmes and infant mortality in Brazil.”

From the abstract: “Brazil has made striking gains in public health since its democratisation in the mid-1980s. Previous research credits widespread economic growth and the creation of widespread social programmes for these improvements. We take a novel approach by also examining local participatory institutions. Participatory budgeting is a democratic innovation that allows residents to allocate a portion of the local budget directly to local needs, including healthcare. We evaluate whether participatory budgeting also influences infant mortality, a serious health problem facing Brazilian communities. We find that using participatory budgeting substantially reduces infant mortality, even more so when the programme is institutionalised.”