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COBE summer 2020 research grants

The College of Business and Economics recently announced the recipients of the summer 2020 research grants.

Jim Kroes and Garrett McBrayer
Jim Kroes and Garrett McBrayer

The top proposal, submitted by Jim Kroes, was selected for the Langroise Faculty Scholarship Award. Garrett McBrayer submitted the top responsible business proposal and will receive the RBI Faculty Award. Both of these distinctive honors carry an additional stipend funded by private donors.

Summer 2020 research grants

Geoff Black – “Prospects for Microreactors: Technology, Indicators for Deployment, and Applications”

Matt Castel and Timothy Dunn – “Specialist Versus Generalist: Limitations Based on Hospital Size”

Kelly Chen and Samia Islam – “Declining Unionization and the Despair of the Working Class”

Mark Cowan – “Mental Health and the Tax Law”

Josh Filzen – “In Thousands, Millions or Billions: An Examination of the Units of Measurement on Financial Statements”

Guido Giuntini – “The Regressive Nature of Property Taxes in Times of Increasing Property Values in Ada County, Idaho”

Ruth Jebe – “Deglobalizing Garbage: U.S. Legislative Responses to Disruption of Global Plastics Recycling”

Jim Kroes – “Utilizing Thematic Analysis of Patient Comments to Improve Clinical performance at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho”

Garrett McBrayer – “Can Hedge Funds Benefit from CSR Investment?”

Brian McNatt – “Positive Reputation and the Biasing Effects on Student Evaluations of Teaching”

Jan Stephens – “Efficacy of Leadership Course on Self-Reported Ability to Lead”

The college extends thanks to judges Michail Fragkias, Tom Gattiker, Eric Gooden and Regis Terpend.