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New technical assistance resources for innovators tackling COVID-19

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions has announced new resources for innovators to combat the current coronavirus pandemic through the COVID-19 Technical Assistance Program.

The COVID-19 Technical Assistance Program will provide targeted funding to DOE’s national laboratory system to assist non-DOE entities working to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The assistance program is designed to allow external entities – including state, tribal and local governments; regional and local businesses; and other private sector entities – to engage directly with DOE lab researchers.

These groups will be able to tap researchers’ technical expertise to work through and overcome difficult technical or scientific challenges related to combating the novel coronavirus. Funding provided under this program will cover up to 40 hours of consultation with Idaho National Laboratory staff. Work anticipated for the program projects is not research and development intensive and is not intended to generate intellectual property. Only projects that provide COVID-19-related technical assistance to U.S. entities will be considered.

Researchers partnering with entities that may be able to take advantage of this program should contact Idaho National Laboratory’s Technology Deployment Department at for more information on how to get started.