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Boise State players are finalists in Esports awards

ESPORTS Launch at Boise State in 2017, Brooke Sutton Photo

The National Association of Collegiate Esports is hosting its annual convention online through July 24. The event includes awards to top players across the country.

Eight members of the Boise State varsity eSports team are finalists for awards in six of eight categories.

They are: Oscar Filson, student leader of the year (male); Madison Benge, student leader of the year (female); Shaun Byrne, program director of the year; Nicholas “Shifty” Travis, coach of the year (Overwatch); Daumantas “Ryuu” Krugliakovas, coach of the year (Rocket League); Jacob “Gem Mountain” Palmer, collegiate shout caster of the year; Rae Barnes, Remy, Joe Troyer, collegiate broadcast team of the year. 

The university submitted nominations for the awards, said Chris “Doc” Haskell, head coach of the Boise State team. The National Association of Collegiate Esports reviewed nominations from 200 participating universities to come up with its list of finalists.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, July 24.