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Register for CAES and INL summer boot camp

Registration is now open for the summer boot camp hosted by the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) and the Idaho National Laboratory’s Collaborative Computing Center (C3).

Dates are Aug. 10-13 and all workshops will occur remotely.  Learn more about the series of workshops at the event web page. 

Use the online registration form to sign up for software carpentry workshops and introductions to computational modeling and data science tools, including the following.

Software Carpentry Workshops:

  • Unix Shell
  • Version Control with Git
  • Programming with R

Computational Modeling and Data Science Tools Introductions:

    • VASP on INL HPC
    • Molecular Docking for Drug Design
    • Advanced Application of MOOSE
    • Web Mapping for Large COVID Data
    • Data Visualization
    • VisIt for Scientific Visualization
    • Scientific Visualization Using ParaView
    • In-Situ Visualization Using Ascent

A research panel included in the program aims to present, highlight and discuss opportunities for joint research among CAES, INL researchers, faculty and staff.

Use the following links for more information: