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MakerLab prepares to open with new COVID-19 safety procedures

Students, staff and faculty will still have access to everything in the MakerLab when the new semester begins, but with a few changes.

1. The MakerLab will be open for virtual consultations this fall. Students, staff or faculty can request an appointment online.

Users can request a consultation for anything they want to do in the lab, said Amanda Baschnagel, MakerLab manager, including 3D printing, laser cutting, project brainstorming and more.

2. For 3D printing and laser cutting, lab staff will work with users virtually. Users will only need to physically come into the space to pick up their items. As in the past, the lab will provide plastic filament for 3D printing at no charge. Those using the laser cutter must provide their own materials.

3. If users need to access equipment in the MakerLab (sewing machines, soldering irons, etc.) they will be able to schedule time in the lab. Email: to make an appointment.

4. The MakerLab will physically be open from 3-7 p.m. Monday through Friday, but users will be able to request virtual consultations outside of those hours on weekdays.

Staff will limit the number of people in the lab at one time. Facial coverings will be required.

Amy Vecchione, an associate professor and unit head of Emerging Technologies and Experiential Learning who runs the MakerLab, said, “We continue to offer instruction on information literacy, maker literacy, or digital literacy skills. The MakerLab helps students grow in those areas. Any interested faculty can reach out to¬† to work on an assignment, learning outcomes, or request instruction for their class.”