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Classroom technology teaching and learning resources tuned up for instructors

Faculty engagement with remote students from the classroom is easier and better than ever at Boise State.

This summer, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) upgraded classroom technology hardware, created just-in-time classroom resources and revised classroom technology support articles to create the best online and hybrid teaching and learning experiences for instructors and students.

Here’s a summary of where to find documentation and support for common classroom technology workflows.

Wondering Which Video Software to Use in the Classroom?


Use Zoom to engage with remote students in real-time from a classroom. Zoom allows remote students to participate in your class through video, as well as ask questions and provide feedback via chat and/or audio and video.

Learn how to use Zoom in the classroom.


Use Panopto to record your lecture in the classroom for future viewing. Panopto allows you to capture video of your screen and webcam at the same time. Panopto also provides basic video editing tools to trim your lectures for easy viewing.

Learn how to use Panopto in the classroom.

Zoom, Panopto and Blackboard working together

OIT recommends using Zoom + Blackboard integration when scheduling Zoom meetings for courses. This can include online classes, office hours, exam review sessions and more.

Similarly for Panopto, OIT recommends using Panopto + Blackboard integration when creating instructional videos or using Panopto for classroom lecture capture.

Instructor Zoom Cloud Recording videos and Panopto recordings all upload to your Panopto video library for easy sharing, storage and management of your video content. Using the Blackboard integrations is the easiest way to share your videos with your students.

Access your Panopto video library.

Documentation and Support for Classroom Technology

Instructors can find updated self-support documentation for all teaching and learning tools in the Teaching and Learning Tools knowledge base.

This knowledge base is a great place to get an overview of the supported tools at Boise State, including:

  • Qualtrics
  • ‘Blackboard
  • Zoom
  • Panopto
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Flipgrid
  • Google Jamboard
  • iClicker
  • ProctorU Review+

Visit the How to Use the Technology in General Classrooms page on the Learning Technology Solutions website for an overview of all university classroom technologies.

Instructors should look for the printed one-sheet instructions on classroom podiums to quickly and easily learn how to use Zoom, Panopto, doc cams, and clickers in the classroom. These technology instructions can also be accessed as Google Docs.

Need Assistance in the Classroom?

Contact the OIT Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 (HELP) or for support, troubleshooting, and consultation on how to use Zoom, Panopto, and other teaching and learning tools at Boise State.