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Albertsons Library equipped to help faculty with data sets, DOIs

Boise State University is continuously growing in terms of research and grant funding. Albertsons Library is dedicated to supporting the research needs of the Boise State community, and to building research infrastructure to ensure research happening on campus is highly findable and citable. ScholarWorks disseminates Boise State scholarship, including data sets.

Most major grant funders now require applicants to write data management plans that describe the data they anticipate collecting, as well as how they expect to make the data available after the lifecycle of the grant. ScholarWorks provides a platform for storage and sharing of completed data sets, fulfilling this requirement. Additionally, the library can mint DOIs, a unique code that always points directly to the data set, making data highly citable and accessible.

The data management team in Albertsons Library can help faculty write their data management plan, implement best practices in data collection and share data on ScholarWorks. Get in touch by emailing