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ExtraMile Arena successfully hosts first day of Boise State classes

The ExtraMile Arena features two classrooms each holding up to 250 students, photo Mark Fitzgerald.

This fall, ExtraMile Arena has gone from hosting Metallica concerts to Boise State classes, transitioning from a live entertainment arena to an expanded classroom. Staff have worked extensively across all departments to get ready for this change, which launched smoothly on the first day of classes on Aug. 24.

The arena is equipped to host two in-person classes simultaneously. On its first day, these classes varied from University Foundations to psychology to business, with a total of 792 physically distanced students attending classes.

Student entering ExtraMile Arena for class

In addition:

  • All students voluntarily wore facial coverings.
  • Nearly 86 percent of students opened their emails noting where to enter, how to access the necessary technology for the classroom, how to access their assigned seats, etc.

In total, the arena will host 18 classes and 2,100-plus Boise State students this semester.

“While this semester may look different than those in the past, this campus community is coming together in an unprecedented way,” said Alyssa Meyer, assistant director of marketing and brand development for ExtraMile Arena. “Thank you to everyone in our Boise State campus community for helping make the transition from concerts to classrooms so seamless.”