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Tomas Baiza publishes short story ‘Nezahualcóyotl’

Tomas Baiza
Tomas Baiza. Photo courtesy of Tomas Baiza.

Tomas Baiza, director of the Advising and Academic Support Center, recently had his short story “Nezahualcóyotl” published by The Meadow.

“Nezahualcóyotl” tells the story of a single mother searching for her son at the Stanford Powwow. In the story, Baiza explores the concepts of mixed-race background, cultural authenticity among Chicanos, and Mexican-Americans’ often unexplored relationship with their indigenous pasts.

“I admire the resilience and tenacity of The Meadow’s editors who fought campus closures and budget disruptions to get the 2020 issue into both print and online publication,” Baiza said. “The pandemic has presented extreme challenges to arts journals and outlets in ways that we would have never imagined when I began submitting this story earlier this year.”