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Tomas Baiza publishes two new short stories in literary journals

half portrait
Tomas Baiza, halved.

Tomas Baiza, director of Academic Advising and Support, published two new short stories, “Adelante” and “Extra-Large for the Lord,” in the literary journals Peatsmoke and The Good Life Review, respectively.

“Even though they are very different stories, I wrote the main characters as different sides of the same coin—one naive and eager for change, the other more cynical, less self-aware, and less prepared for the revelation he will experience,” Baiza said. “They’re basically alternate-universe versions of the same character.”

In “Adelante,” I wanted to focus on that very particular moment when a young person begins a journey into the unknown, with the context here being the transition from high school to college.

“Extra-Large For The Lord” is taken from a real event in Baiza’s life – a deliberate cultural faux pas was the catalyst for a moment of wonder in a large group of people. Listen to an interview with Baiza on this piece here.