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Arthur Scarritt weighs in on current job market trends facing students

Arthur Scarritt, chair and professor in the Department of Sociology, recently was interviewed by Zippia: The Career Expert, on the topic of current job market trends, alongside fellow faculty experts. In this publication, Scarrit commented on the types of skills graduates will need when they enter the workforce, as well as how technology might impact the field of sociology and more. To read this piece, visit:

An excerpt from Scarritt’s conversation includes: “The most important skill is learning how to learn. People are fond of saying that the jobs graduates will have do not yet exist when they start school. So students must have dynamic skills adaptable to a variety of workplaces. This includes being able to learn on the job what the job requires of you. And, in order to advance, you must have the skills to make the job your own. You must have the skills to negotiate a career. Employers know this. When interviewed about what they want in an employee, the same set of skills always come out at the top. And these are not specific technical skills that are all too frequently associated with college and specialization.”