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Furlough plan outlined for faculty

As part of ongoing efforts to address financial challenges related to COVID, the Office of the Provost and Faculty Senate are working in coordination to implement a plan that will require furloughs for faculty who did not participate in the furlough program in early summer because they were not on contract during that time period.

As it is currently outlined, the furlough program will apply to all faculty on 9-month to 11-month contracts earning at least $40,000 per year. The same criteria that were used for required summer 2020 furloughs for all classified and professional staff, and 12-month faculty will apply. Pay bands and number of furlough days are:

• $150,000+ — 10 days
• $100,000-$149,999 — 7 days
• $75,000-$99,999 — 5 days
• $40,000-$74,999 — 4 days

The Office of the Provost and Faculty Senate are discussing the time frame for the furlough period, the size of furlough time units, and time reporting procedures. Affected faculty are invited to review the proposed details of the plan, sent via email from Interim Provost Tony Roark, and reach out to their Faculty Senate representative or to Roark with questions or feedback. A living FAQ page will be published by Human Resources as soon as the Senate and Provost have addressed the outstanding questions.

“Being required to take mandatory furlough time while dealing with other grave challenges is especially painful,” Roark said. “I appreciate the sacrifices that everyone has made and is making to keep the university community on track to recover from the pandemic in a position of strength and service to our mission.”

The savings resulting from the program are estimated to be $1.1 million.

Human Resources will provide guidance once final details of the furlough are decided. In the meantime, employees who have questions may contact or call (208) 426-1616.