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Alumnus dedicated to helping others find career success

Abdulsalam Alkuwaity

“Once you unlock someone else’s potential, everything else is limitless.”
— Abdulsalam Alkuwaity

Nearly 100,000 Boise State University alumni have gone on to make an impact in careers in business, science and technology, the arts and humanities. For some, their university experience served as a catalyst, ultimately leading them to careers filled with passion and purpose. That’s the case for one international student from Saudi Arabia who today has a mission to help others find career success.

Alumnus Abdulsalam Alkuwaity (BA, business administration, ‘16) says his mission in life is to help other entrepreneurs find business success. Alkuwaity has turned this mission into a thriving international company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As the founder and CEO of SEA Ventures, a business accelerator and venture studio, Alkuwaity says the company offers more that seed money to entrepreneurs looking for start-up funding.

‘’We strive to unlock and invest in human potential,” Alkuwaity said. “We believe once you unlock entrepreneurs’ potential, they can change lives and change the world by creating new ventures that have a social impact, create jobs and sustain the economy.”

Abdulsalam Alkuwaity

A team of expert consultants at SEA Ventures applies the innovative concepts of design thinking to their consulting to equip entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed. The company’s philosophy teaches clients to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by teaching the skills required to build self-determination, risk-taking and creativity. The company’s Saudi Entrepreneurs Enabling and Developing (SEED) boot camp for entrepreneurial training was recognized for its impact on entrepreneurs by the Arabian Business Startup Awards 2019.

“At Boise State, I learned a golden rule that I apply to my life every day, that ‘once you unlock human potential, everything else is limitless, and education is the key to do that,’” Alkuwaity said.

Once he identified his passions and career interests at Boise State, he was on track for success.

“I was lucky to find my passion at a young age, and everyone can do so, too,” he said. “I share with other entrepreneurs to always learn from your own mistakes, learn from others people’s mistakes, take affordable losses and calculated risks, and never repeat the same mistake twice. Think big, start small. Remember that values and ethics are the foundation of anything you do.”

When he’s not helping other entrepreneurs find their career passions, Alkuwaity enjoys fishing, skydiving and other outdoor activities, including skiing, which he learned to do while attending Boise State.

By Andrew Gauss