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Ross Burkhart talks politics with Oregon newspaper, Twin Falls television station

The La Grande Observer quoted Ross Burkhart, a professor of political science in the School of Public Service, in an Oct. 29 article.

The article, Greater Idaho idea gets a vote, concerned a ballot initiative in Union County, Oregon, to hold discussions on the possibility of several southern and eastern Oregon counties separating from Oregon and joining Idaho to form a state called Greater Idaho.

Burkhart discussed the historical closeness of Eastern Oregon to Western Idaho, the complicated constitutional moves that would need to take place, and some of the reasoning behind the initiative.

A reporter from Gray Television interviewed Burkhart for KMVT CBS 11 in Twin Falls on Nov. 6 on the topic of voter turnout in Idaho. Burkhart discussed reasons for the high voter turnout in the Gem State, such as enthusiasm for President Trump’s candidacy, effective messaging by the Republican Party, and the availability of mail-in ballots allowing voters to participate more easily during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect to the interview on the Washington News Bureau website.