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Pat Shelton retires from Controller’s Office

Boise State’s fixed assets officer, Pat Shelton, retired in late October after serving the university for nearly 30 years.

Shelton began her career at Boise State in 1991 with Accounts Payable (now Procurement and Vendor Services). When she first started, campus was much smaller, the Multipurpose Classroom Building hadn’t been built, Accounts Payable was in the Administration Building and checks were still being made on typewriters.

During her time at Boise State, Shelton was a part of many impactful projects that improved efficiency and pushed the university forward. She was a driving force that implemented PeopleSoft’s Asset Module which improved the financial reporting and tracking of assets, she helped the College of Technology’s move to the College of Western Idaho by performing inventory and reporting on net book value of equipment being transferred and she was the functional lead on the transition from PeopleSoft to Oracle Financials Cloud (now Bronco Hub) in 2016.