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New Requirements for Accessing the HR System (PeopleSoft HR)

The Office of Information Technology is requiring new security measures for accessing the HR System (PeopleSoft HR) beginning Tuesday, Jan. 5:

  • Off Campus: To sign in to the HR System on or after Jan. 5 from off-campus locations, you must first connect to Boise State’s VPN.
  • On Campus: To sign in to the HR System on or after Jan. 5 from on-campus locations, you must connect using a desktop or kiosk computer. Or, if you are using a mobile device on campus, you must connect to eduroam WiFi.

If you have never connected to Boise State‚Äôs VPN you are strongly encouraged to install, configure, and test the software prior to the January 11 payroll reporting deadline. This will ensure your access to the system for time and/or leave reporting purposes. Visit OIT’s VPN webpage for instructions.

If you do sign in to VPN but still can’t access the HR System, try clearing your web browser cache, and then close and restart your web browser. Instructions for clearing your browser cache are available at

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or