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Portuguese newspaper interviews Burkhart

Público, a newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal interviewed Ross Burkhart for its Dec. 14 issue. Burkhart is a professor of political science in the School of Public Service.

The interview is titled Trés perguntas a Ross Burkhart: Republicanos continuam unidos por motivos de sobrevivéncia, which translates to Three questions for Ross Burkhart: Republicans maintain a united front for reasons of self-interest.

Burkhart answers three questions in the interview: What is the end goal for President Trump’s refusal to concede the presidential election? Why are Republicans supporting his contestation of the election results? Given this election, will there be reforms to the Electoral College?

Burkart shared his answers: “Essentially, my responses are that President Trump wishes to retain his political power and relevance by contesting the election. Many Republicans support his efforts because they have to consider Trump’s popularity especially among his 74 million voters, and there are likely to be few if any reforms to the Electoral College due to the nation’s political polarization.

Find the full interview on the Publico website (in Portuguese, behind a firewall).