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Guido Giuntini presented an income forecast to the Idaho Tax Commission

Guido Giuntini

Each year, the Idaho State Tax Commission has a meeting to determine a personal income forecast upon which the state budget is based. Guido Giuntini, a lecturer in the Department of Economics, presented a forecast for Idaho personal income for the fiscal years 2021 and 2022 at the annual meeting in December. The information for the forecast was prepared in collaboration with fellow economics lecturer Anne Walker.

Giuntini discussed U.S. and Idaho growth patterns with COVID effects during the meeting. U.S. and Idaho personal income levels grow at similar per capita rates. For the past five years, Idaho total personal income and population has grown approximately 1.5 percent faster than the U.S. average.

In addition, Giuntini and economics lecturer Steve Hall published an article on property taxes for The Blue Review. It examines property taxes in Ada County and how they have become more regressive over time due to increases in values. It also proposed the implementation of a progressive property tax system in order to balance them. Check out their article here.