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Shaun Nichols speaks with KTVB about U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6

Guy with a beard smiling and fist pumping on a table.
Shaun Nichols

Shaun Nichols, an assistant professor in the Department of History, was recently interviewed by KTVB to comment on the riots at the nation’s capitol on Jan. 6. Nichols and Shaakirrah Sanders, a law professor at the University of Idaho, discussed the 12th Amendment (providing for separate Electoral College votes for president and vice president), the workings of democracy, and what the event represents.

“There is a significant minority of Americans who have lost faith in democracy and are unwilling to abide by the will of the people,” Nichols told the reporter. “I think if anything for that reason most of all this day will be remembered.”

Watch the full interview here.