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First Thursday: See works by Francis Fox at Capitol Contemporary Gallery

“Crane scape,” silverpoint, by Francis Fox

Capitol Contemporary Gallery in downtown Boise will host “Geoscape,” an exhibition featuring work by Francis Fox, a professor of sculpture in the School of the Arts, and Boise painter Divit Cardoza.

Fox will show sculpture and silverpoint drawings.

An open house will take place from 3-7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 4 (First Thursday). The gallery, at 451 S. Capitol Blvd., will follow COVID-19 guidelines. Private viewings are also available. “Geoscape” runs through Feb. 27.

“Outcrop,” bronze, by Francis Fox

Fox commented on his work for a gallery news release: “Early on I was instilled with an awareness of the fragility of life in an extant environment. Physical objects have a special impact in the expansive spaces of the American West. Their presence is a testimony to life and resilience. Life forms tend reach for the sky and humans build monuments that represent our perennial dance with the forces of nature. This work is realized in resilient materials such as wood, metal, and silverpoint drawing. I try to make the work appear as if it grew from the interaction of natural forces and human intention.”

Fox received his MFA degree from the University of Wyoming with a minor degree in geophysics. His current studio practice combines digital processes with traditional sculpting and drawing techniques. Fox has produced several public sculptures in the Treasure Valley and the Rocky Mountain West including the piece “Sprout Bench” at Boise’s Morris Hill Park and “Portal” in the BODO neighborhood. Fox’s latest public sculpture, “Mortal Process,” stands in Hangzhou Bay Park in Ningbo, China.