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Hansberger chair to provide business ethics excellence at the College of Business and Economics

Robert V. Hansberger

The family of the late Idaho business icon Robert V. Hansberger has honored him by creating the Robert V. Hansberger Endowed Chair within the Boise State’s College of Business and Economics. The $1.75 million gift establishes a permanently endowed fund for a business ethics chair position within the college – the first of its kind in Idaho.

“Our father believed strongly that business has a great deal of responsibility to the individuals and society in which it operates,” said Carol Hansberger Lloyd. “Therefore, our goal in endowing a chair in the College of Business and Economics is to continue the legacy of Bob Hansberger, and to encourage corporate social responsibility and the application of ethical values in making business decisions.”

Robert “Bob” Hansberger joined the Boise Payette Lumber Company in 1957 as its president, with a mandate to grow the company. Shortly after that, Boise Payette merged with the Cascade Lumber Company to form Boise Cascade Corporation. The combined timber assets gave Boise Cascade the critical mass to compete on a national and, eventually, an international scale. Under his leadership, Boise Cascade expanded into one of the largest lumber producers in the nation and one of the largest producers of fine paper in the West.

A visionary businessman and strong proponent of corporate social responsibility, Hansberger made a long-lasting contribution to the quality of the arts, humanities, health care and education in Idaho and to businesses and other institutions across the country through his involvement.

The prestigious endowed chair position empowers the college to attract and retain an outstanding teacher and scholar in the field of business ethics, according to Dean Mark Bannister. The chair holder will take the leading role within the college in teaching business ethics and leading an academic dialogue regarding ethical professional and corporate decision-making. Outside of the classroom, the holder of the chair will develop engaging ways for students to explore ethical issues in business such as through case study competitions, simulations, guest panels of business leaders, and presentations of guest lecturers. The chair will have strong research credentials in the area of business ethics. The Hansberger chair raises the college and university’s profile and reputation on a national scale.

“The college’s value statement reads that we are committed to integrity and ethical behavior in all that we do,” said Bannister. “Robert Hansberger, as a corporate and community leader, exemplified this behavior. He was known for his integrity and proved you can be ethical and successful. The goal of College of Business and Economics in establishing this chair is to emulate and uphold the beliefs Robert stood for in business and life.”

For additional information on the Robert V. Hansberger Endowed Chair and the life of Hansberger, visit the Giving website.