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Join virtual event ‘Building Climate and Community Resilience in the City of Trees’

The Hazard Climate and Resilience institute invites all who are interested to join their community members for a virtual presentation on “Building Climate & Community Resilience in the City of Trees.” This free event will be hosted via Zoom from 11 a.m. to noon on Feb. 11.

About the Speaker

The speaker for the event will be Lance Davisson, owner and principal consultant at The Keystone Concept, an urban and natural resource planning firm based in Boise since 2011. The firm has built a platform for transforming land management and community development through an innovative, fun and collaborative approach. Davisson has 20 years of experience in leadership, resource management and community engagement in the public and private sector. Together with a diversity of partners and organizations, Davisson has built teams that are navigating and sustaining organizations, agencies and impactful programs in communities across the United States. In 2013, Davisson co-founded the Treasure Valley Canopy Network, a locally funded public-private partnership that is working across the greater Boise Metro area to build and advance a more resilient future for all.