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Deadline extended: bike lane icon design contest open to students

The Department of Public Safety will commission two student artists to redesign the bike lane icons at Friendship Bridge and Bleymaier Football Center for its program, Creative Routes, which seeks to combine sustainable transportation and student art. The deadline for submissions has been extended until Mar. 15, 2021.

Installation of thermoplastic bike sharrows
Past winners of the Creative Routes open call had their art installed on the bike route connecting the Center for the Visual Arts to Cesar Chavez Lane, photo Patrick Sweeney

Each artist chosen for the project will receive a $500 scholarship. The chosen designs will remain in place for up to 10 years. All current students are eligible. Find full submission details on the Fine Arts website, or contact Stephen Ritter at or (208) 780-9743 or Fonda Portales at or (208) 426-2541 for more information.