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Andrew Finstuen authors chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Reinhold Niebuhr

Honors College dean and professor Andrew Finstuen recently published an article titled “The 1950s: The Ironies of American Power” in the The Oxford Handbook of Reinhold Niebuhr, edited by Robin Lovin and Joshua Mauldin.

An excerpt from the book’s abstract reads: “Reinhold Niebuhr was a theologian, writer, and public intellectual who influenced religious leaders and social activists in the United State over four crucial decades in the middle of the twentieth century. This Handbook begins by tracing the development of his work through those years and provides an introduction to the dialogue partners and intellectual adversaries whom he influenced and who shaped his own thinking. Subsequent chapters deal with major topics in theology and ethics, providing systematic focus to Niebuhr’s wide-ranging works that were directed to many different audiences. These are followed by chapters that examine Niebuhr’s contributions to political thinking and policymaking on issues including international relations, pacifism and the use of force, racial and economic justice, family life and gender equality, and environmental concerns. Concluding essays examine Niebuhr’s legacy and continuing influence.”

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