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Construction management teams win at regional and national competition

Winning Construction Management groups

Thirty-five students in the Boise State University Department of Construction Management competed in a virtual version of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Student Competition held Feb. 3-6, 2021.

In the Rocky Mountain Region 6 categories, the Boise State’s Commercial Team won 1st place. The Design Build and Mixed Use teams each won 2nd place. In the national categories, Boise State’s concrete solutions team won 1st place.

During the competition, teams met virtually with industry problem sponsors and were presented with problem statements and accompanying plans and specifications. They had about 18 hours to develop and prepare solutions including a detailed estimate, project schedule, staffing, safety, and sustainability plan. Each team’s experience, approach to pre-construction and construction phases of the project and ability to respond to deliverables were critical in the grading process.

The teams also made a formal presentation of their solutions to the professional constructors who worked on the actual projects. Awards were given to teams that exhibit the most comprehensive approach to all aspects of the project. This year more than 1,098 students competed on 152 teams from 47 universities and 18 states.

2021 Boise State team members:

Commercial Competition team


  • Devin Cloud (team captain)
  • Seth Dixon
  • Dante Friesen
  • Cameron Trumbull
  • Dillon McKenna
  • Garrett Lovell
  • Cameron Clinkingbeard, Alternate

Mixed Use:

Mixed Use Competition team
  • Hope Stauffer (team captain)
  • Matthew Vitrano
  • Chase Wuelfing
  • Alan Arreola
  • Alex Ammerman
  • James Fisher

Design Build:

  • Kevin Todt (team captain)
  • James Haight
  • RJ Durrer
  • Mitchell Douglas
  • Josh Alstrom
  • Riley Brenden
  • Ivan Cortez, Alternate

Concrete Solutions:

  • Luke Burley (team captain)
  • Justin Kusar
  • Connie Barzangi
  • Daniel Springer
  • Jordan Cummings
  • Max Murphy
  • Joe Gauthier, Alternate

Also, Clinkingbeard, an alternate for the Commercial team, was on the 1st place team for the alternates’ competition. Teams are comprised of alternate team members from all participating institutions and must work collaboratively to solve a 12-hour, single-day problem.