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Write for The Conversation: Special event for engineering faculty, doctoral students

College of Engineering faculty and doctoral students are invited to a research communications event for hosted by The Conversation. Boise State is a supporting member of The Conversation, which solicits and publishes research articles written by researchers for a general audience.

At 10 a.m. MT, on Monday, Mar. 22, a science/technology editor from The Conversation will present a brief overview of the venue, followed by Q and A and discussion of the attendees’ scholarship. Attending faculty and students are encouraged to come ready to discuss an element of their research that they would be interested in writing about.

Please register here for this virtual event:

Mojtaba Sadegh, an assistant professor of civil engineering, will also give a short presentation on his experiences writing and publishing “The Year the West was Burning” for The Conversation.

Fun Fact: To date, 49 Boise State authors have published with the venue and reached a total of 2.57 million readers worldwide.