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Cowan publishes paper on how tax courses have been impacted by COVID

Mark Cowan

Mark Cowan, a professor in the Department of Economics, authored “Teaching Tax During a Pandemic” that was published in Tax Notes‘ state and federal publications.

In the article, Cowan offers insights on the abrupt conversion of in person to remote courses in the wake of the COVID pandemic. He gives reflections on what teaching was like from March to June 2020.

“Teaching tax during the pandemic reminds me of something my grandfather used to say about the weather in New England: its volatility will force you to be flexible, to adjust, and be patient with uncertainty,” said Cowan. “The pandemic has been hard on everyone, including our students. But despite the challenges, those of us teaching tax will continue to do our best to connect with and educate the next generation of tax professionals, to fight off compassion fatigue, help our students succeed, and navigate the continuing uncertainty with as much grace, forbearance and flexibility as possible. For someone like me, who thinks teaching is the best job in the world, that is a small price to pay.”