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Undergraduates: Submit your work for a President’s Writing Award

All contest categories are open to manuscripts produced for undergraduate coursework at Boise State from Spring 2020 through Spring 2021. Previously published work is not eligible. A student may enter multiple categories but may submit no more than one entry to each category. A student may re-submit work that was entered but did not win in 2020, provided that it was completed within the stated time frame. All submissions should be written in English.


Two prizes will be awarded in each category: first prize, $200; second prize, $100.


Critical Analysis

Submissions are open to papers that critically evaluate or analyze works of literature, theatrical performances, works of visual art, historical moments, philosophical arguments, social movements, etc. The submission should not exceed 20 pages.


Submissions are open to poetry completed for coursework. The submission, a single poem, should not exceed five pages.


Submissions are open to fiction completed for coursework. The submission should not exceed 20 pages.

Creative Nonfiction

Submissions are open to creative nonfiction completed for coursework. The submission should not exceed 20 pages.


Submissions are open to research papers in any field: STEM, social science, arts, business, humanities, etc. The submission should use the documentation style appropriate to the discipline and should not exceed 20 pages.

Foundations of Ethics and Diversity

Submissions are open to essays completed for UF 200. A student may submit one essay exploring civic, ethical, and/or diversity on a local, regional, national or international topic. If the essay is the product of a team project, all names must be submitted and all team members will share the award. The submission should not exceed 20 pages.

First-Year Writing

Submissions are open to work completed for English 101, 101M, 101P, or 102. Open to First-Year Writing projects of any kind on any topic. There are no length limits for this category.

Identity, Culture, and Languages

This category welcomes submissions that focus on exploring elements of identity, culture, or languages, through the written word. This category seeks writing that investigates the human experience, particularly through perspectives that are frequently marginalized or excluded, which may include members of the LGBT+ community, people with disabilities, non-citizens, and multilingual writers. Submissions are open to projects written in any course, at any level. There are no length limits for this category.

Submission Instructions:

Fill in the submission form below and upload the .doc, .docx, or .rtf file with your submission. PDF files are not preferred unless you need to preserve the placement of graphics or other formatting. If your submission cannot be saved as one of these file types, contact prior to submitting for special instructions.

IMPORTANT: Remove your name from the document text, header, and file title. Entries are judged anonymously.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Direct all inquiries to