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Campus-wide study seeks to understand use of space; quantify current and future needs

Boise State is undergoing a campus-wide study to better understand how existing space on campus is being used, and to quantify current and future space needs. The study will assess the configurations and usage of key academic, research and administrative spaces. The results will inform efforts to meet strategic needs, plan for future projects and ensure that space utilization and allocations are efficient, productive and in support of excellent user experiences.

The in-depth analysis will be data-driven and informed by the campus community. The 2019-20 academic year will serve as the snapshot in time for data; however, the impact of the pandemic will also be considered, particularly around instructional delivery and the workplace environment.

As part of the project, students, faculty, and staff will be invited to participate in a survey. Each respective group will receive a set of questions customized for their use case(s). The survey responses will be collected via an interactive, map-based mobile app. A call for participation will be sent to the campus community by the end of March.

The university has partnered with SmithGroup, a higher education space planning firm, to conduct the study and develop the space needs profile. The work is expected to continue through August 2021.