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Employee Social Networks: A new way to connect with colleagues

Photo by Patrick Sweeney

This past year has been difficult,and Boise State employees have risen to take on many challenges and changes. To offer more opportunities for the campus community to connect, Employee Social Networks are a new way to band together with folks in other departments and areas of Boise State who share similar interests and hobbies.

If you enjoy backpacking, hiking, sewing, skiing or have a passion for baking, volunteering, conservation, or crafts, employees are encouraged to start or join a network. By connecting, cultivating relationships and building rapport outside your department, the university hopes it brings more joy to your work and life.

This year’s Employee Appreciation Week, which runs May 10-14, further inspires connection with others across campus. The special week will include a variety of activities, ceremonies and other appreciation events as the cherry trees start blooming throughout campus. Stay tuned for the full schedule and other events leading up to it.