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Madsen, Focarile, Souza and Berry collaborate on article

Faculty members Leslie Madsen, Teresa Focarile, Tasha Souza and Lisa Berry from the Center for Teaching and Learning and the eCampus Center collaborated on the article “FLIPping the Script on Course Design: Integrating UDL and Student Centeredness into the Course Design Table”, which was recently published by Academic Impressions.

The piece summarizes the development of last summer’s Flexible Teaching for Student Success (FTSS) Initiative, and focuses on a resource created for that program, the Flexible Learning and Instruction Plan (FLIP). Drawing on the tenets of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the FLIP expands on the traditional course-design table by: asking instructors to build in adjustability and to provide students with multiple ways to access course content; allow for students to engage with the course and each other via multiple pathways; give students choice in demonstrating their achievement of learning outcomes; and very deliberately plan how they as instructors would be present in the course regardless of modality.