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Sam Ehrlich’s legal briefs garner national attention during Supreme Court and NCAA case

Sam Ehrlich

Sam Ehrlich, an assistant professor in the Department of Management, filed an amicus brief last November with the U.S. Supreme Court based on his findings in his paper “A Three-Tiered Circuit Split: Why the Supreme Court Needs to Take Alston v. NCAA.” After the Supreme Court agreed in December to hear the case, he filed a second brief with the court in January on behalf of neither party, urging the court to not give the NCAA any special treatment under the antitrust laws. An expanded version of Ehrlich’s second brief will be published later this spring with the Rutgers Law Record.

On March 31, the court heard Alston v. NCAA, and Ehrlich has received several requests for his comments based on his two briefs and his overall opinions of the case. He has been quoted in articles “Will Athletes Get Paid?” in Front Office Sports, “Century-Old MLB Antitrust Carveout Looms Over NCAA Case” in Law360, and “Legal experts weigh in on NCAA Supreme Court case” in Sports Business Journal. Ehrlich also spoke on the “More than a Spring Game and Boise St. Professor talking sports with Supreme Cour‪t‬” episode of the podcast Bleav in Boise St Football: Kingdom of POD.