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Boise State offers undergad research experience in blockchain technology

Through the support of the National Science Foundation, Boise State University initiated a new summer Undergraduate Research Experience (REU) opportunity called “REU Blockchain.”

This virtual, nine-week program is open to ten undergraduate students who wish to engage in research pertaining to blockchain technology. Blockchain is an emerging technology that can improve safety and security of existing processes in society by changing the way information is encoded, secured and distributed. Potential applications of blockchain are far-reaching, including how financial institutions exchange currency, governments protect the integrity of electronic voting, and medical providers secure health information systems.

Students who wish to apply for the program are encouraged to submit applications before April 12. The program will begin May 31 and end July 30.

This program led by Gaby Dagher, principal investigator and assistant professor of computer science, and Min Long, co-principal investigator and assistant professor, will provide interested undergraduates with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to navigate the design, development, and implementation of blockchain technologies for securing critical information systems.

“Blockchain technology is the intellectual focus of this REU Site,” Dagher said. “We will complement this intellectual focus with a lens toward innovations that satisfy technical and societal demands.”

Students who are accepted into the REU program will receive a stipend of $7,788 towards training, housing and meals. Students will also gain experience conducting research in blockchain technology and applications that will empower them to become future leaders in blockchain.

Fellow REU Blockchain program mentors include Associate Professor Steve Cutchin, Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Nader Rafla, Professor Don Winiecki and Professor Tim Andersen.